Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are Mobiletron TPMS sensors compatible with the industry’s main TPMS scan tools?
A. Yes, Mobiletron’s TPMS sensors are designed to communicate with all the main TPMS scan tools, Including; ATEQ VT56/VT46, PT46 and when unlocked; HUF VT56/VT46, Alcar VT56, VDO TPMS Pro, Hamaton H46 & Alligator PT4.

Q. Can Combi sensors be programmed by other TPMS scan tools?
A. Mobiletron’s Combi sensors can now be programmed with ATEQ’s diagnostic tools!

Q. Are Mobiletron TPMS Sensors compatible with vehicles with Wireless Auto Location (WAL) TPMS systems?
A. Yes, Mobiletron’s Combi sensors are compatible with vehicles with a WAL TPMS system.

Q. How are Mobiletron’s TPMS sensors programmed?
A. Mobiletron’s Combi Sensors are infinitely reprogrammable using all the main TPMS scan tools. See page 6 on how to program the sensors.

Q. Are Direct replacement TPMS sensors easy to fit?
A. There is no specialist training required. The fitting process is the same as OE. Fitting instructions are on the ‘How to fit TPMS sensors’ page of our TPMS Zone website.

Q. Will metal clamp-in and rubber snap-in valves be supplied separately?
A. Yes, both metal clamp-in and rubber snap-in valves can be supplied separately.

Q. How long is the warranty period?
A. All of Mobiletron’s products are covered by a 2 year warranty. The typical battery life of our TPMS sensors is 5 years.

Q. Is the angle of the sensor adjustable?
A. The angle of the Clamp-in sensors can be adjusted to suit the rim style up to 40°.

Q. On starting the vehicle a TPMS light comes on, but switches of after driving for a short time, What could this mean?
A. This could be that one or more of your tyre pressures are close to the low-pressure threshold. Overnight when your tyres are cold, the pressure will be at its lowest, which can bring the pressure either close to or below the 20% minimum pressure allowance – switching the TPMS warning light on. Once you start driving however, your tyres will warm up and the pressure will subsequently increase; turning the warning light off. Check your tyre pressures before you drive to make sure they are at the correct pressure.

Q. Can the sensor cover all frequencies?
A. Yes, the Combi sensors are a hybrid of EU (433 MHz) and American/Asian (315 Mhz) applications.


We advise leaving a 1 Meter Distance between sensors when programming to avoid any signal interference.


Q. How can I update the PT46 Diagnostic tool?
A. Instructions for updating the tool can be found in this booklet on page 5.

Q. Is the software license included?
A. The first year subscription is included free of charge, to extend the license contact our office on +44 (0) 1772 693 780.

Q. Can the tool perform OBD relearns?
A. Yes, this is possible using the optional ATEQ ODBII Module. The OBD relearn is the only relearn method used on 60% of vehicles worldwide.

If there is something we haven’t covered in our TPMS questions please contact us by email: [email protected] or by phone: +44 (0) 1772 693780